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taunt battleworld

I've provided a wide spectrum of services for Taunt Battleworld, including website design, in-game 3D models, animations, game VFX and more. See below for some of the creative assets I worked on.

I've created more than 100 models for Taunt Battleworld and their live-stream event Enter the Battleverse. The models were taken from the idea and concept art through high poly and low poly executions, texturing, rigging, and skinning.

I've worked on 3D models for 2 NFT Drops of Taunt Battleworld as well as their live stream event Battleverse. This featured licensed IPs such as Floyd Mayweather, Cris Cyborg, SuperYetis, Bored of Directors, and more.

These were created in a few different programs including Blender and Character Creator 4 and later imported into the Unity project of the game. They were then set up with the proper animation controllers and animations to be completely functional in a fighting game.

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